Allied Ho-Pac Compactor Plates


MH Equipment’s range of Allied Ho-Pac vibratory compactor plates are suitable for a wide range of machines. We can deliver and install to your excavator and are ideal for all reinstatement jobs.

Allied pioneered the concept of the hydraulically-operated Ho-Pac vibratory compactor/driver. Using eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibration and impulse energy, the carrier-mounted Ho-Pac provides the needed forces for effective soil compaction and driving.

The Allied Ho-Pac model 1600 fits virtually all larger loader/backhoes and small to medium excavators. This hydraulic attachment, which interchanges with the machine’s bucket in minutes, operates off of the machine’s hydraulic system and requires an oil flow of 25, 30 or 43 gpm depending on maximum carrier flow.

Using impulse force, downpressure and vibration, it compacts most types of soil in lifts of 3-5 feet and in densities in excess of 95% Proctor with a 29” or 24” (optional) base plate.

The Allied Ho-Pac model 1600 offers impressive specifications – 16,000 pounds of impulse force at 2,100 cycles per minute. Contractors can expect to compact 80 or more cubic yards per hour.